Academy Term Dates

Here are the Term Dates in a downloadable format. These can be viewed using any modern browser or PDF reader. We recommend Adobe Reader which can be downloaded for free by clicking here. Term dates are updated as soon as they are available, any changes will be made known to parents as soon as possible.

RMET Northfield House Primary Academy 2017-2018
RMET Northfield House Primary Academy 2018-2019


  • 2017/18 Dates

    Autumn Term 1: 37 Days
    Schools Open Tuesday 29th August 2017
    Schools Close Friday 13th October 2017
    Autumn Half Term Holiday Monday 16th October 2017 – Friday 20th October 2017
    Autumn Term 2: 43 days
    Schools Open Monday 23rd October 2017
    Schools Close Wednesday 20th December 2017
    Christmas & New Year Holiday Thursday 21st December 2017 – Monday 8th January 2018
    Spring Term 1: 24 days
    Schools Open Tuesday 9th January 2018
    Schools Close Friday 9th February 2018
    Spring Half Term Holiday Monday 12th February 2018 – Friday 16th February 2018
    Spring Term 2: 25 days
    Schools Open Monday 19th February 2018
    Schools Close Friday 23rd March 2018
    Easter Holidays Monday 26th March 2018 – Friday 6th April 2018
    Summer Term 1: 34 days
    Schools Open Monday 9th April 2018
    Schools Close Friday 25th May 2018
    Summer Half Term Holiday Monday 28th May 2018 – Friday 1st June 2018
    Summer Term 2: 30 days
    Schools Open Monday 4th June 2018
    Schools Close Friday 13th July 2018
    Summer Holiday begins Monday 16th July 2018
    Bank Holidays 28th Aug 2017
    25th & 26th Dec 2017
    1st January 2018
    30th March & 2nd April 2018
    7th May 2018
    28th May 2018
    Teacher Days 22nd August 2017 (Disag), 23rd August 2017 (Disag), 24th August 2017 (Disag), 25th August 2017, 8th January 2018
  • 2018/19 Dates

    Autumn Term 1: 37 Days
    Schools Open Thursday 30th August 2018
    Schools Close Friday 19th October 2018
    Autumn Half Term Holiday Monday 22nd October 2018 – Friday 26th October 2018
    Autumn Term 2: 40 days
    Schools Open Monday 29th October 2018
    Schools Close Friday 21st December 2018
    Christmas & New Year Holiday Monday 24th December 2018 – Monday 7th January 2019
    Spring Term 1: 34 days
    Schools Open Tuesday 8th January 2019
    Schools Close Friday 15th February 2019
    Spring Half Term Holiday Monday 18th February 2019 – Friday 22nd February 2019
    Spring Term 2: 30 days
    Schools Open Monday 25th February 2019
    Schools Close Friday 12th April 2019
    Easter Holidays Monday 15th April 2019 – Friday 26th April 2019
    Summer Term 1: 19 days
    Schools Open Monday 29th April 2019
    May Bank Holiday (Schools Closed) Monday 6th May 2019
    Schools Close Friday 24th May 2019
    Summer Half Term Holiday Monday 27th May 2019 – Friday 31st May 2019
    Summer Term 2: 30 days
    Schools Open Monday 3rd June 2019
    Schools Close Friday 12th July 2019
    Summer Holiday begins Monday 15th July 2019
    Bank Holidays 27th Aug 2018
    25th & 26th Dec 2018
    1st January 2019
    19th & 22nd April 2019
    6th May 2019
    27th May 2019
    Teacher Days  28th August, 29th August 2018 Inset Teacher Training Days

    7th January 2019 Inset Teacher Training Day

    15th July and 16th July 2019 (Disag)

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